About Us

About Stockiie

Stockiie was created and defined by the Executive Management team in 2017. Those colleagues have huge experience in sourcing, supply and brand building and supply a lot of the largest retailers in the UK, Europe and the USA with products either under Private Label or their own created brands.

The development project was taken on by the exceptionally talented “geek squad” within the business who embraced the task of bettering 3PL Software and the efficiencies in warehouse management as we opened our first fully managed facility in Ashford Kent (early 2018).

The stress tests were performed throughout 2018 as we refined the hardware, software and allowed our first customer, My Babiie to run for the entire year on our bespoke system. Exceptional is the standard we work to within our business so it was no surprise that the software developed by the team performed to that standard.

As a product of such wonderful results, the business plans to aggressively roll out its “Software as a Service” solutions by offering Clients and Franchisees the opportunity to pay license for its use. We are also now increasing activity across borders to open a significant number of centres tailored to specific 3PL requirements and our own brands needs.

We have set aside significant development budgets for the software through the next 5 years of its life as the aim is to disrupt and deliver. Senior Executive team has given full support to this aggressive roll out campaign to enable us to lead the way in Warehouse Management Software and deliver true results to other 3PL’s looking to drive toward successfully & efficient businesses.

Stockiie is a technology led brand and is so excited about the areas of E-commerce and B2B fulfilment as the challenges of traditional warehousing are met by technology and feel there is going to be a lot of activity in this space for many years to come.