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We know that when you are good at what you do, first you back it, then you build it!

We let people try our service in full confidence we will secure a lasting mutually beneficial relationship based on our own performance and not a sales team pushing you.

That’s why here at Stockiie we have a range of opportunities to not just have to read what we say and take our word for it but to try what we have developed and to be amazed by it.

So in our quest we are offering our amazing 30 day trial period which includes:

  • A no integration fee set-up
  • Free Storage (For 30 days)
  • Free Pick & Pack (For 30 days)
  • Free packaging (For the duration of your trial)

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** Terms and Conditions

Free trial is limited to 30 days or 300 item picks, whichever is reached soonest.
During the trial our fulfilment services are provided free of charge, you only pay for shipping costs, charged at your projected contract rates. You can choose your carrier and postal services.
The trial is limited to a maximum of 50 stock lines (SKUs). Trial is subject to product suitability. The license holders for Stockiie (in their respective countries) reserve the right to make changes to this offer at any time and will require a meeting to gauge product suitability.